Wil jij werken bij Alpha Wax? Bekijk onze actuele vacatures? Alpha Wax has been the number one wax distributor in Europe for more than 10 years. We supply a wide range of waxes, always fully tailored to meet our customers’ specific wishes. Moreover, we exclusively supply the highest possible quality, such as our Shell Waxes. But it’s not what we do that really makes us stand out on the market: it’s how we do it. Each company, each application and each logistic requirement is different in the world of waxes. And this can cause problems – or rather, challenges. We view your problem as our challenge, and we’re prepared to go far in this respect. After all, this is what we specialize in: supplying the right wax, tailored to meet your specific wishes, in a flexible and efficient manner right up to the point at which it is in your production process. If we come across any bottlenecks or obstacles en route, we simply eliminate them. By means of innovative and creative solutions. www.alphawax.com